Should we be boycotting more businesses than just The Air Academy Federal Credit Union and Century Link?


Brandon Marshall lost two endorsements (Air Academy Federal Credit Union and Century Link) after he kneeled during the pledge of allegiance. Kaepernick, Marshall and other athletes are boycotting in protest of the unjust shootings of black people, why would they be against that?


Here’s more establishments we should reconsider giving our business to:

Some may say, These companies paid fines and settled, shouldn’t we forgive them? To that I ask, do you think they would still be doing it if they didn’t get caught?


The point of this blog is to start a discussion stemming from the epidemic of (alleged) racial discrimination in the business establishments. Please note, some of these instances are for one store, one employee or etc, so make decisions on a case by case basis. (I do suggest you read the full articles attached as well).


Bank of America:

Bank of America, which had acquired Countrywide, paid a record $335 million to settle allegations that 200,000 minorities had been charged higher interest rates than white borrowers between 2004 and 2008.

Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo — paid $175 million to settle charges that it steered about 4,000 minorities in the Mid-Atlantic region into more expensive sub-prime loans even though they qualified for better terms. Rates for sub-prime loans,  by definition, rose sharply after an initial period. The Wells Fargo settlement stated that the bank asserted it had “treated all of its customers fairly and without regard to impermissible factors such as race and national origin.”


$418 million will be paid to the federal government to resolve liability for faulty loans that SunTrust wrote from January 2006 through March 2012. The loans resulted in losses to the Federal Housing Administration, the arm of the Department of Housing and Urban Development that insures residential mortgages.
Read more here:

Ally Financial:

Minority car buyers were victims of discriminatory lending practices on their car loans, according to federal authorities who have reached a $98 million settlement with Ally Financial.

Federal officials said that Detroit-based Ally Financial and Ally Bank charged higher interest rates from about 235,000 car loan borrowers who were Hispanic, African-American, and Asian/Pacific Islanders since April, 2011.


Read more here:


Fith Third Bank:

An Ohio-based bank has come under fire for charging Black and Latino customers more interest on auto loans, a joint investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has found.

Fifth Third Bank, which has 1,300 banking locations in 12 states, has agreed to pay an $18 million settlement related to indirect auto loans made through dealerships.


Read more Here:

Fifth Third Bank to Pay $18 Million Settlement For Charging Black Customers More Interest for Auto Loans




The latest settlement, requiring PNC to pay $35 million, was announced on Monday, Dec. 23rd and covers the behavior of the National City Bank.


The Justice Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claimed that car loans issued by American Honda Finance Corporation required higher payments from minority buyers.
The government claimed in a lawsuit that Honda’s practices, allowing dealers broad discretion to mark up the interest rates on company-issued loans, resulted in higher prices for African-American, Hispanic, and Asian customers.
Read more here:


Toyota is set to fork over up to $21.9 million to settle allegations that it discriminated against black and Asian borrowers by charging them higher rates than white borrowers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

 Read more here:



BMW Manufacturing Co. LLC Tuesday agreed to pay $1.6 million and rehire 70 black employees settling a 2-year-old racial discrimination lawsuit. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity sued BMW in 2013 alleging the company’s criminal background check procedures to employ candidates for its Greer manufacturing facility in South Carolina unequally affected blacks.

Read more here:



Check out this list of 5 big companies sued for discrimination! it includes


Ambercrombie & Fitch



 Southern California Edison


Read the entire article here:


MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced the filing of a race discrimination lawsuit under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act against Lowe’s Companies, Inc., doing business as Lowe’s Home Center’s Inc. The suit charges the world’s second largest home improvement retailer with failing to hire a class of qualified African American applicants due to their race at its Reload Distribution Center in Vonore, Tenn.
A lawsuit filed Friday, however, claims that since the store has been open, management has discriminated against blacks and other minorities, passing them over for promotions and often firing them and replacing them with non-minorities. It also alleges that management hired minority employees “to comply with an agreement with the City and County of San Francisco as a prerequisite to the opening of the Bayshore Lowe’s,” and then fired them once the store opened.


The suit alleges that Comcast’s memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with non-media civil rights groups, including the NAACP, National Urban League, Sharpton and Sharpton’s National Action Network, further “facilitate Comcast’s racist practices and policies in contracting – or, more accurately, refusing to contract – with 100 percent African American-owned media companies.”
Read more here:

Comcast Corp has reached a $50 million settlement in a decade-old lawsuit accusing it of overcharging cable television subscribers, 1-1/2 years after the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a larger version of the class-action case.

The preliminary settlement, which requires court approval, calls for Comcast to pay $16.67 million in cash to current and former subscribers in Philadelphia and four nearby countries.


Read this story here:


Comcast Corp has reached a $33 million settlement with California over allegations that the cable company posted personal details of customers online, state Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement on Thursday.

As part of the agreement with the California Department of Justice and the California Public Utilities Commission, Comcast must pay $25 million in penalties and investigative costs to the to the two departments, the statement said.

Comcast will also pay about $8 million in additional restitution to customers whose numbers were improperly disclosed.


Read this story here:


Tiffany & Co:

The New York Times reports that Michael McClure, a group director for two Tiffany stores in Texas, filed a suit in federal court on Thursday accusing the fine jewelry company of a “systemic, nationwide pattern and practice of racial discrimination.”


Read this story here:




The New York Post reports that actor Robert Brown, who’s most known for his starring role opposite Sean Connery in the film “Finding Forrester,” has filled a civil suit for an unspecified sum against the luxury retail store and the New York Police Department, citing that he was unlawfully searched by undercover police officers on June 8, 2013.


Read this story here:


Barney’s :


Barneys insiders told HuffPost they’ve seen profiling by salespeople and security guards. One current veteran employee at the Madison Avenue store — who asked for anonymity because workers were given “strict warning” they could lose their jobs for speaking to the media — alleged that store security keeps a close eye on black shoppers who don’t look famous.

Read more here:


Louis Vuitton:


Another major fashion company is being sued for racial discrimination. This time around its Louis Vuitton that has been slapped with a lawsuit alleging racism filed by a sales associate, Oliver Koffi, at the luxury brand’s store in London’s Selfridge’s.

The Mirror reports that Koffi is suing Louis Vuitton for racial discrimination and harassment after witnessing his boss make several racially insensitive comments. Koffi contends that the behavior created a “hostile and intimidating” working environment.


Read more here:


United Postal Service:

The Associated Press reports that eight current and former employees at UPS in Kentucky filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the company on Friday.

The men claimed to be treated poorly and that they received harsher punishments because of their race. The plaintiffs allege that, at one point, a black effigy hung outside of their manager’s office.

UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg disagrees with the complaints, claiming that all of the issues were investigated and were taken seriously.


Read more here:



The workers said in a federal complaint filed Thursday that about 15 African-American employees of some southern Virginia restaurants run by Soweva Co. were fired last May after several white employees were hired. Many of those fired were told by Soweva owner Michael Simon that while they were good workers they “didn’t fit the profile” he was trying to build for the company, according to the complaint.

The employees said that McDonald’s Corp. controls nearly every aspect of how franchisees operate restaurants, but corporate officials did nothing when they were contacted about the dismissals and “blatant racial discrimination.”


Read more here:




Check out BET’s list of 11 companies sued for discrimination below!!041214-National-Top-companies-Hit-With-racial-Discrimination-Lawsuits-UPS



This is why group economics is so important! 

I am sure I missed some key ones, please feel free to add them in the comment section below. Are you boycotting any of these businesses? 


African, Pride & Natural Hair Clothing (& more) For Men, Women and Children

These are some shops i recently discovered that i wanted to share. If you have suggestions for future blog posts, please leave them below!

















































I challenge everyone to pick a category to buy black owned for a year! If you want to pledge, leave a comment below. I am using black owned hair care products for a year!

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Gorgeous Etsy Finds For Natural Hair (jewelry)


Supporting Black Business, The Time is Now 

( Black owned banks, credit unions, spas, salons, book stores and more)




*I am not affiliated with any of the businesses listed above. The pictures and credits belong to the websites listed beside them.


Supporting Black Business, The Time is Now (Black Owned Business List)


This is a compilation of lists of black owned establishments. I thank all the websites below for making this information readily available!


                                          # BLACKOWNEDMATTERS

“Just as a family is strengthened by each member of the family making a contribution amongst one another, so to is the community strengthened by each member of the community trading and doing business amongst themselves”

Unemployment has always plagued the black community more so than any other community within the social spectrum of America. Just as we, as a courageous black generation has taken upon ourselves the dire responsibility to stand up to the unjust killings of black men and women, under  #BLACKLIVESMATTER,  we should understand that for our lives to have prestige within society, we must also take the responsibility to secure our economic growth. Why do i say this- The reasoning is clear.  Without economic stability, You have very little life to matter, and crime within your community will increase. Statistics have shown throughout modern history that wherever you find poverty,  you find high rates of crime. Wherever, you find high rates of crime, you find great injustice perpetrated upon the members of that community at the hand of those whom deem you humanly, educationally, socially, and economically inferior. So i say to you again, if black lives are to matter, black owned should also matter.

I do not intend to lessen the importance of the black lives matter movement. I also cannot say I am a supporter of this movement other than the hash tag. I simply want to make it known that our black lives become more secure if we add the mindset of economic growth, along with this movement.


            This is not an endorsement of any of these businesses, it is simply a list!


Please find out about Tulsa’s black wall street, if you aren’t aware,  we can do it again !


Read about the Nigerian king who is richest man in the world of all time




For the list for the UK, Africa and Canada, please scroll to the bottom!

Black Owned Extension  (Download)

(This downloadable extension suggests Black Owned alternatives based on your website search)


Black Owned Directory ( by State/Category): (directory and job search)

App: (Black owned businesses and events by city)

Black trade circle (app where you can earn commission)


Black Owned E-Commerce Website:

(buy from multiple black owned stores, for everything from clothing to toilet paper) ( I would not recommend due to horrible customer service)


Black Owned Social Media & Networking:


Black Owned Marketing Company:


Black Owned App to Find Local Businesses:


Black Owned Business Solutions: (web design, consultation and etc)


Black Owned App to fight Gentrification:


Black Owned App To Counteract Negative Interactions With the Police (Needs Funding)


Black Owned Job Search Platform:


Black Owned TV & Movie Streaming:


List of Black Owned Banks (By State):


Black Owned Credit Unions:


Black Owned Online Tax Company:



Black Owned Crowdfunding Websites:


Black Owned Grocery Stores:


Baton Rouge, LA: Save A Lot (owned by former Saints Player Tyrone Legett)

Compton, CA.: “Grocery Outlet” (2175 W. Rosecrans Ave)

Farmers Best Market, 1424 W. 47th St., Chicago

Metro FoodLand, located at 18551 Grand River Ave., Detroit

Simply Produce LLC (Georgia)  (3375 Roosevelt Highway Suite F
College Park, Georgia, GA 30349

Cayce Foods Inc. (1680 Roswell Street Smyrna, GA 30080)


Buy Food From Black  Farmers Online:


Black Owned Grocery Brands & Options:

Alkaline Water:

Herbal Teas & Juices:

Draft Beer: The Harlem Brewing Co.

Breakfast Syrup


Spices (9 Choices) :

Beef Jerky:

Vegan Patty Mix:

Vegan Supplement: and

Vegan popcorn: ( founded by 12-year old Jayden Hammond from Chicago, IL)

Black Doctor Directory:

Black Owned Pharmacies:


Charlotte N.C.: Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center

General Merchandise: God First, God Last, God Always Dollar and Up General Store (2243 E. 71st St. in Chicago)


Black Owned Restaurants by City:

6 Black Owned Barbeque Spots:

Black Owned Vegan Restaurants in CA:


NYC and Brooklyn


New Orleans



Coffee Shop



Washington D.C.

Los Angeles






The Southern V (Vegan, Black Couple Owned)


 (If your city is not listed, please view the directories above)

Black Owned Gas Stations:

Paul’s Market ( Jefferson Street Nashville, TN)

Hooper Shell (119 S. Compton Ave Los Angeles, California)

Davis Brothers Seven & Outer Detroit, Michigan  (13110 West 7 Mile at Outer Drive)


Black Owned Transportation App



Black Owned Book Stores:

List of 54:        (online)                 (online)

Natural Hair Coloring Book:


Black Owned Magazine Companies: (showcases dark skinned models)

The Free Black Family Power

Black Owned Book Publishing Companies:


Black Owned Greeting Cards:


Black Owned Educational Resources & Schools:

Black Power ABCS:

African Centered School Directory:—cultural-programs-directory.html

List of African Centered Schools:

Black Owned Homeschooling Blogs: and

Home Schooling Supplemental African and Black History Curriculum:

Virtual Homeschooling:

Free Tech Guide:




Atlanta Gifted Academy Pre K- 8th Grade

Students are taught STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, learn Spanish and Mandarin, and have access to music lessons and other services not available in traditional schools.



Freedom Home Academy

11331 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL

School of Literacy Pre-School (for 2, 3 and 4 year olds)

located at 8149 S. Stony Island in Chicago, IL.

The Ashaki Bochum-Kline Institute of Advanced Learning  (for 5 year olds)

located at 9535 S. Stony Island in Chicago, IL.



Freedom Home Academy

15400 Grand River

Detroit MI 48227


New Jersey:


Houston ‘s Training and Education Center




The Black Financial Leadership Bootcamp for Children:

Black Owned Child-Care Centers:


Black Owned Household Product Brands:


Black Owned Shower Heads/Filters:

Black Owned Toothbrushes:


Black Owned Teeth Whitening System:

Black Owned Beard Care:



Black Owned Feminine Hygiene Products: (cloth menstrual pads) (feminine wash/detoxes)


Black Owned Skin Care:


Black Owned Laundromats:


Black Owned Theaters:

Open Rivers Studios (Georgia)

Coco Studios (Atlanta, Gerorgia)

The Lincoln Motion Picture Company in Omaha, Nebraska

– See more at:


Black Owned Automobile Manufacturing:

Kantanka (Africa)

Black Owned Gun Manufacturer:


Black Owned Doll Manufacturers:



Black Owned Construction Companies:

Indiana-based Powers & Sons Construction Co. Inc.

Fl-based NuJak Construction (Florida’s fastest growing construction and property management companies)

MZM Construction & Management Co., based in Newark, N.J.

SLR Contracting and Service Co.(Based in Buffalo, N.Y. and specializing in commercial construction, management and design build services)

C.D. Moody Construction Co. Based in Lithonia, Georgia

(Memphis, TN based) Castle Black Construction

*(’s blog posts about these businesses)


Black Owned Video Game Companies:

Black Owned Hotel Directory:

Black Owned Luxury hotels:


Black Owned Wineries:


Black Owned Travel & Accomodations: Competes with Airbnb

Airforable enables you to book flights for a deposit upfront,
and the rest in installments before your departure date.

Black Owned Bridal Boutiques:

Ivory Bridal Boutique (ATL) For Curvy Women



Black Owned Paper Company:

Bathroom tissue, paper towels, garbage bags, & other household products


Black Owned Mouthwash & Laundry Products:


Mouthwash and detergent brands:


Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores:



Black Barber Shops:


Black Owned Spas:

GA: Mane Attraction Boutique & Spa (Lawrenceville)


Black Owned Hair Care Brands:

We sell all natural hair, body and facial care products at                  Download a brochure here!

List: ( *Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture are no longer black owned)



Black Owned Car Portable Hair Straightener:


Black Owned Nail Polish/Make-Up Brands:

Nail Polishes:

-Pear Nova
-O So Dollish (relauncging)
-Bernadette Thompson
-Lenora Nail Colors
-WAH London (UK based)
-Adore Her Nails
-1143 Nails
-Polished Nail Colors
-Breukelen Polish
-Vane Polish (International)
-Princess M Nail polish
-G-Merc Lacquer (relaunching)
-25th & June
-Bridgette Lacquer
-K2 Nail Paint
-Nasty Nails LLC
-Superstar Nails
-Lisa Lacquer
-Ooo Polish
-Poilseed Colors Llc
-Get Your Nails D.I.D

Makeup: (Vegan) (Vegan & Handmade)

-B’elegant Cosmetics
-The Lip Bar (as seen on Shark Tank)
-XXIOMORA Cosmetics
-Ajani Cosmetics
-Kami Cosmetics
-Ordained Beauty
-Bovanti Cosmetics
-JD Glow Cosmetics
-Rossimodo Cosmetics
-Shawni Kayy
-Lip Fetish

Also Princess M Cosmetics (Started by a 15 year old)


Black Owned Skincare/ Black Friday Deals


Safe Spaces for Black Women:


Black Owned Subscription Boxes:




Girls Ages 4-17:

Black Sorority Subscription Box:

Black Hair Vendors:


Black Owned Clothing:

Women’s swimwear:

 Black Owned Hand-Bag Sellers:


Black Owned Shoe Companies:

Nude Shoes:

Sneakers and Clothing:




High End Women’s:

Dressy Men’s:


Black Owned Footwear for Diabetics!


Black Owned Lingerie Company: (Goes up to DDD, Available at walmart!) (UK based but offers free US Shipping)

8 more


Black Owned Nude Tights & Knee Highs:


Black Owned Jewelry Shops on Etsy:


Black Owned Jewelry Companies:


Black Owned Home Decor & Furniture:


Black Owned Art-Work:


Black Owned Businesses For Gift & Holiday Shopping:


Black owned Blog that Highlights Black Owned Businesses Around the Globe 

(Like their blog)



Black Owned Event Rentals:

Party Palace Event Rental (Houston, TX)


Black Owned Wooden Stand Up Paddle Boards:


Black Owned in NYC

Black Owned Directory 

Black Owned Nail Salons

Black Owned Restaurants


Black Owned in The UK

Black Owned Directory APP (U.K.):


Lingerie: (Free UK & US Delivery)


Community Of Black Business Owners CANADA

Black Owned in Africa: (South African Black-Owned Construction Company specializing in Civil / Structural & Building; and Project Management.)

Black Owned Airline: Blue Crane (South Africa)

Black Owned Car Manufacturers:




If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below!


I challenge everyone to pick a category and only buy black owned for a year! If you want to pledge, leave a comment below. I am using only black owned hair care for a year!


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Check out these compiled lists of  black owned companies to shop from!




How to Make a D.I.Y. Curl Defining Cream


Here is an Soft hold, Wash and GO recipe for people who like quick and easy daily styling.


naturalHere’s the 4 things that you need:

Oil Blend of choice, Detangler or Leave-in Conditioner of choice, Gel of choice , Container for Storage

Instructions: Mix equal parts of each of the 3 ingredients and mix together until the blend becomes smooth. Add it to a squeeze or pump bottle for easy application. Tip: Make sure the items mix well together by doing a test on the back of your hand. If they leave clumps, they do not pair well together! Directions: Apply this mixture to soaking wet hair that has just been cleansed. Rake through hair  in 4 quadrants and distribute evenly. Apply oil to seal. Shake your hair, shape your hair the way you want it to lay and go!


Detangler or Any Leave in Conditioner with some “slip”* (your choice)

My favorite detangling conditioners are Carol’s Daughter Marula (Ebay) and Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave-in (Target). I have only tried it with the Carol’s Daughter’s product, so i am not sure how it would work with others. Some of these products contain glycerin. Glycerin can be temperamental in colder or humid areas, so use cautiously.


Oil Blend of your choice

The oil that i suggest is The Soft Hair Solution. This blend has coconut oil (a penetrating hair oil) along with macadamia, Castor and Peanut oils to seal in and soften hair.This can be purchased here!

Another option is the Vitamin Hair Punch Fruit oil blend. This has Avocado and Coconut oils (penetrating oils) along with Grapeseed and Apricot oils. This oil helps to strengthen hair by combating protein loss. This oil can be purchased here!

*  You can substitute this oil for any of your choosing, however i recommend using a moisturizing AND sealing oil blend.


Gel of your choice

The gel that i currently use is Eco Styler Pink  for Curls and Waves. This gel has a hold of 8. If you are going to use a firm hold gel i suggest using a little less.



What works for one may not work for all! I have high porosity, fine, kinky curly hair that has a mixture of 3 and 4 hair types. So your result may vary. I don’t try to have super defined hair, i like soft, fluffy hair with volume. Feel free to tweak this recipe so that it works best for you! *”Slip” describes how easy it is to run your fingers through your hair with a product.

Five Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow Its’ Sales

Let’s get right to it! Here are five things to start on now to grow your small business:


  1. Focus on adding additional higher end products and services to your existing customer base. More choices are always good and your clientele may be interested in upgrading and extending  their experience with your company.
  2. Sell more at a time by selling bigger sizes or bundles. Try suggestive selling to sell related products or services.
  3. Try selling wholesale directly to businesses that target your audience.
  4. Increase your social media presence and try to give updates regularly. There are many platforms to choose from, many of them being free.
  5.   Focus on building your brand. Give your customers an unique experience! They need to identify your business with consistent service and product.




If you have any tips to add, please feel free to leave your feedback, comments and concerns below!

A Guide To Popular (Non-Essential) Oils


Apricot oil: A versatile, light oil  great for skin and hair.

Vitamins: A , C, E

Consistency/Color: Easily absorbed by the skin without leaving it feeling oily, Yellow (1)

Absorption Rate: Fast

Price: $


Almond Oil: A great carrier oil that provides moisture without clogging pores.

Vitamins: E

Consistency/Color: Light oil, Yellow

Absorption Rate: Slow



Avocado oil: Penetrating oil that helps reduce protein loss. 

Vitamins: A, B1, B2, D, E

Consistency/Color: Light oil, Yellow

Absorption Rate: Slow



Argan oil:  is called “Liquid Gold”. It contains natural heat and sun protection.

Vitamins: E

Consistency/Color: Yellow

Absorption Rate: absorbs within a minute

Price: $$$$


Castor Oil: Improves blood circulation and can be used to promote thicker and faster hair growth. Used as a natural laxative.

Consistency/Color: Very  Thick  Emollient oil (feels greasy), Clear or Light Yellow

Absorption Rate: Slow



Coconut Oil: Antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Penetrating oil that helps reduce protein loss. Used in deodorant, toothpaste and many diy recipes.  

Consistency/Color: Solid at above 76 Degrees, White (Pure, refined) or Clear (Organic)

Slight coconut taste and Organic versions have a coconut smell

Absorption Rate: Slow rate (although it is Light Penetrating oil )

Price: $-$$ (Organic), Best price can be found at the grocery store


Emu oil: Used to alleviate pain from sore muscles and aching joints. Used in many cosmetic products due to it’s anti-aging and moisturizing qualities.

Consistency/Color: Thick, White

Absorption Rate: Slow



Grapeseed Oil: Natural Astringent. Great for fine hair as it is very light. 

Vitamins: E,  as well as vitamins, minerals, and protein (1)

Consistency/Color: Light oil/Green

Absorption Rate:  Fast (Quickly absorbs)

Price: $ Less Expensive, Best price can be found at the grocery store


Olive oil (Extra Virgin): Penetrating oil. Great for combating dandruff and dryness.

Vitamins: E, K

Consistency/Color:  Heavier than other oils, medium thickness, Yellow

Absorption Rate: Slow (2)

Price: $ Less Expensive, Best price can be found at the grocery store


Click here to Try a 1 oz sample of these oils









Credit: (1) (2)

How To Soften Your Natural Hair

20150228_115351Having fluffy, pillow soft, flowing hair is a desire of many naturals. You want soft, moisturized hair but things like weather, ineffective products and constantly touching your hair; can strip your hair leaving it brittle and unmanageable.    Here are some tips and methods to restoring your hair now.




Softness In Minutes:

Lightly mist water onto the hair; you want the hair damp but not soaking wet. Part hair in medium size sections. Apply a few drops of your favorite oil (more about the one we use and why below) and smooth through from roots to tips. Continue until all hair has been stretched with oil. Apply a plastic cap to your head and allow to sit for at least 10 minutes. Remove to reveal stretched softer, refreshed hair.


How to Keep In Moisture Longer:

  • Instead of rinsing out your conditioner, leave it in! I like to add conditioner to my hair and let it sit. Shower steam helps open the hair’s cuticle and allows the conditioner to absorb better and faster. Apply a little bit more your hair starts to respond to the conditioner. This helps save money and lets you use less products!
  • Use an oil as the a last step to seal in the moisture and leave a protective barrier on your strands.


Why Use the Soft Hair Solution instead of other oils?

This oil blend contains Coconut oil which penetrates the hair strand to moisturize and protect the hair from protein loss. Coconut oil is an excellent oil choice but its even better when combined with Macadamia, Castor and Peanut oils. Macadamia oil helps reduce frizz and protect the hair from free radical damage because of its abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. Castor and Peanut oils help seal moisture by coating hair strands.


Click Here to view the Soft Hair Solution in our store!