How To Soften Your Natural Hair

20150228_115351Having fluffy, pillow soft, flowing hair is a desire of many naturals. You want soft, moisturized hair but things like weather, ineffective products and constantly touching your hair; can strip your hair leaving it brittle and unmanageable.    Here are some tips and methods to restoring your hair now.




Softness In Minutes:

Lightly mist water onto the hair; you want the hair damp but not soaking wet. Part hair in medium size sections. Apply a few drops of your favorite oil (more about the one we use and why below) and smooth through from roots to tips. Continue until all hair has been stretched with oil. Apply a plastic cap to your head and allow to sit for at least 10 minutes. Remove to reveal stretched softer, refreshed hair.


How to Keep In Moisture Longer:

  • Instead of rinsing out your conditioner, leave it in! I like to add conditioner to my hair and let it sit. Shower steam helps open the hair’s cuticle and allows the conditioner to absorb better and faster. Apply a little bit more your hair starts to respond to the conditioner. This helps save money and lets you use less products!
  • Use an oil as the a last step to seal in the moisture and leave a protective barrier on your strands.


Why Use the Soft Hair Solution instead of other oils?

This oil blend contains Coconut oil which penetrates the hair strand to moisturize and protect the hair from protein loss. Coconut oil is an excellent oil choice but its even better when combined with Macadamia, Castor and Peanut oils. Macadamia oil helps reduce frizz and protect the hair from free radical damage because of its abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. Castor and Peanut oils help seal moisture by coating hair strands.


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