How to Make a D.I.Y. Curl Defining Cream


Here is an Soft hold, Wash and GO recipe for people who like quick and easy daily styling.


naturalHere’s the 4 things that you need:

Oil Blend of choice, Detangler or Leave-in Conditioner of choice, Gel of choice , Container for Storage

Instructions: Mix equal parts of each of the 3 ingredients and mix together until the blend becomes smooth. Add it to a squeeze or pump bottle for easy application. Tip: Make sure the items mix well together by doing a test on the back of your hand. If they leave clumps, they do not pair well together! Directions: Apply this mixture to soaking wet hair that has just been cleansed. Rake through hair  in 4 quadrants and distribute evenly. Apply oil to seal. Shake your hair, shape your hair the way you want it to lay and go!


Detangler or Any Leave in Conditioner with some “slip”* (your choice)

My favorite detangling conditioners are Carol’s Daughter Marula (Ebay) and Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave-in (Target). I have only tried it with the Carol’s Daughter’s product, so i am not sure how it would work with others. Some of these products contain glycerin. Glycerin can be temperamental in colder or humid areas, so use cautiously.


Oil Blend of your choice

The oil that i suggest is The Soft Hair Solution. This blend has coconut oil (a penetrating hair oil) along with macadamia, Castor and Peanut oils to seal in and soften hair.This can be purchased here!

Another option is the Vitamin Hair Punch Fruit oil blend. This has Avocado and Coconut oils (penetrating oils) along with Grapeseed and Apricot oils. This oil helps to strengthen hair by combating protein loss. This oil can be purchased here!

*  You can substitute this oil for any of your choosing, however i recommend using a moisturizing AND sealing oil blend.


Gel of your choice

The gel that i currently use is Eco Styler Pink  for Curls and Waves. This gel has a hold of 8. If you are going to use a firm hold gel i suggest using a little less.



What works for one may not work for all! I have high porosity, fine, kinky curly hair that has a mixture of 3 and 4 hair types. So your result may vary. I don’t try to have super defined hair, i like soft, fluffy hair with volume. Feel free to tweak this recipe so that it works best for you! *”Slip” describes how easy it is to run your fingers through your hair with a product.